Mediator + Arbitrator + Special Master

Mediator + Arbitrator + Special Master

Mediator + Arbitrator + Special MasterMediator + Arbitrator + Special MasterMediator + Arbitrator + Special Master



Partner and Chair of Litigation, AmLaw 50 Firm

"[T]hank you, David. We really appreciate your patient and careful approach and great business acumen you brought to the table."


Senior Partner, AmLaw 50 Firm

"David--Very thoughtful questions. [Co-counsel] said you were a SMART mediator."
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"Thank you for your invaluable assistance."


Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

"I firmly believe that it was the extraordinary effort of Mediator David Ichel who, through three mediation sessions, moved both sides to compromise. This was accomplished without either side incurring the expenses of protracted discovery"


Litigation Partner and Chair of NY Office, AmLaw 50 Firm

"Thanks for everything David. This matter would not have been able to be resolved without your tireless efforts."


Partner, AmLaw 200 Firm

"I am taking the liberty of extending our mutual thanks to Mr. Ichel for his work as mediator in this matter."


Investor Claimant Group Counsel

"Thank you, David, for your patience and your statesmanship in getting us through this.  A lot of people are getting at least some relief from this outcome.  I think everyone considered the mediation a success."